Native Instruments’ Maschine 2.0 Says “No” to Pro Tools Previous Versions

Native Instruments announces new Maschine software. Find the PDF of the press release here:

If you notice in the release, there is no support for Maschine as an RTAS plug-in.

Native Instruments Maschine
Native Instruments Maschine Studio Software

What does that mean? Anybody who’s using any version of Pro Tools prior to Version 10 is out of luck.

Will this have an impact on you as a music creator? If you have Pro Tools 9 or less, will you upgrade your Pro Tools rig to accommodate the new Native Instruments Maschine software?

Rolling Recording Studio Promotes Music Education In Carlsbad |

Children naturally want to make music. Anything that gets children more interested in music is a good thing.

Rolling Recording Studio Promotes Music Education In Carlsbad |

I know there are problems with quantifying the positive impact music education has on students (not like there’s a standardized test for this kind of thing), but there’s increasing data to suggest that music education impacts the learning skills & communication abilities of school-age kids.

It’s not hard to get students interested in recording music, either. One of the biggest impediments (in my opinion) is resistance from the educators in charge. Let’s change that.

Research Suggests Positive Impact of Music Education

Support music education!


Do You Hear What I Hear?

For you musicians, here’s a question: When you record your performance, do you pay attention to what you’re actually playing, or focus on the way it’s “supposed to sound” according to the performance you have set up in your mind?

Another question: When you listen to your recorded performance, do you actually hear what’s coming from the speakers and judge that performance, or do you “perform” the part again in your head, as the playback is rolling, and focus on that performance you have set up in your head again?

This is pretty much what I asked Robert Woody, a guy that knows how musicians’ minds work. He decided to make an entire article about it on Psychology Today’s website, as well as his personal blog.

A highly recommended, interesting read.  Here’s his personal blog too.