Production & Composition

These first two tracks are from an ongoing project I am producing with poet & author Troy Taylor. The words and spoken performance are his, the sound design and music are my contributions.

Artists: Troy Taylor & James Hearn
Title: Parking in a Herd of Bison

Artists: Troy Taylor & James Hearn (With help from Benboncan)      
Title: Counsel

Artist: Veronica Romeo & Anand Bhatt      Title: Contigo O Sin Ti
Album: Contigo O Sin Ti

Title: Comic Master (Created as part of a multimedia campaign for an international graphic novel organization (podcasts, YouTube))

Artist: Nappy Roots     Title: Fishbowl

Songwriter: Daniel Lorimer     Title: Have I Ever Told You I Love You?

Artist: Sandyfeet     Title: Road to Nowhere     Album: Road to Nowhere

Artist: Sandyfeet     Title: Wings     Album: Road to Nowhere

Engineering & Mixing

Artist: State Shirt     Title: Please Stop

Artist: Midnight Owls     Title: Sweet Memory

Artist: The Lackeys     Title: Wanna Believe

Artist: Liquid Village     Title: All at Once     Album: All at Once

Artist: The Moves     Title: Are You Ready?

Drum Programming

Artist: John Anealio     Title: Millennium Falcon for Christmas

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